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School Districts


Wright County has 9 school districts that are directly in the County Borders. They are Annandale, Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose, Delano,  Maple Lake, Dassel – Cokato, St. Michael – Albertville, Monticello, Howard Lake- Waverly-Winsted & Rockford.

A few other school districts that support students from Wright County even though they are located outside of the County include St. Cloud School District who take some students from Clearwater and Elk River School District that take some students from Albertville.  Along with Watertown-Mayor School District who support students from some neighboring towns.

Annandale School District
Delano School District
Monticello School District
Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose School District
Howard Lake- Waverly-Winsted School District
Rockford School District
Dassel- Cokato School District
Maple Lake School District
St. Michael-Albertville School District

Employment Opportunities

Annandale School District Employment
Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose District Employment
Dassel-Cokato District Employment
Delano District Employment
Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted District Employment
Maple Lake District Employment
Monticello District Employment
Rockford District Employment
Saint Michael-Albertville District Employment

Education Resources

MN Department of Education

The Minnesota Department of Education provides an excellent education for Minnesota students by striving for excellence, equity and opportunity. They focus on closing the achievement gap, supporting high-quality teaching, using innovative strategies to improve educational outcomes, and ensuring all students graduate from high school well-prepared for college, career and life. The Minnesota Department of Education develops, builds and maintains collaborative relationships with schools, districts, and other stakeholders through a wide variety of advisory boards, councils and committees.

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Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board