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Median Household Income:

Population, Households, and Median Income 

  • Total Population: 7,023 Total Households: 2,480 Median Income: $105,766
Total Population: 7,023
Total Households: 2,480
Median Income: $105,766


Delano is located along US Highway 12 in Wright County, bordering Hennepin County to the east. The City of Delano is less than 30 minutes from downtown Minneapolis.

Development Incentives:

The City of Delano is progressive in its use of tools and techniques to partner with business for growth and expansion. Projects that result in local job creation and increasing local market value have been assisted with TIF, Tax Abatement, Delano’s Development Incentive Program, and other incentives.

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You may have been to Delano for the state’s oldest and largest 4th of July Celebration, but did you know Delano also offers a great school district, excellent places to shop, beautiful parks and trails, a strong business community, safe neighborhoods, low taxes, a short commute to the metro area, civically engaged folks, state-of-the-art assisted living facility, delicious restaurants, dentists, orthodontists, ophthalmologists and medical doctors. Well, you get the idea … We want to know what you find!



Community Information is in the process of being updated with new census data.