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Value and Support Statement: what is it that the Partnership does?

The Wright County Economic Development Partnership’s mission is to create a healthy and diverse environment for existing, expanding, and new businesses- which in turn creates employment opportunities and enhances the overall economic vitality of the region thereby benefiting the businesses, communities, and citizens of Wright County.

WCEDP fulfills its mission by providing technical and financial assistance to businesses in Wright County and those looking to locate in Wright County. The Partnership also provides economic development assistance to the 16 communities. WCEDP is a non-profit corporation financially supported by local community governments, the county, and area businesses dedicated to supporting and creating a sustainable economic profile in Wright County. Wright County, its communities, and businesses are prepared for growth—we invite you to explore the opportunity of working together with us to further our impact!

We fulfill our mission working alongside our partners through these key areas:

  • Business Development
  • Site Selection and
  • Promotion
  • Marketing the County
  • Financial Packaging (we also administer our own Revolving Loan Fund)
  • Capacity Building Seminars
  • Direct Networking
  • Workforce Development
  • Business Counseling (we are now a Small Business Development Center through SCSU!)The value member investor’s gain from the Partnership is both direct and indirect. Member investor’s directly gain from the functions listed above.
    This extensive list of functions is supported by WCEDP and its Partners, providing a powerful, partnership-oriented organization dedicated to enhancing Wright County. The indirect benefit is through supporting a County-wide effort to increase the vitality of our region. Your support enables the Partnership to directly aid our local businesses and community which directly supports your entity.